Zazyoga 200-hour Yoga Teacher TrainingJune 16th to July 7th in Ubud, Bali

Join us in Bali for an intimate journey through the mind, body and soul as you explore the inner depths of yourself through a mindful movement practice.


Set in the spiritually rich island of Bali, the Zazyoga intensive 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training course (YTTC) offers students an in-depth immersion into the art of yoga.

Our program builds upon the foundations of correct alignment for each unique body.  We believe that to become an accomplished yogi and inspired teacher, one must develop a deep understanding of their own body, mind and soul. Once understanding how your own body moves, we guide you through the art of teaching, assisting and adjusting others.

Our focus is on Vinyasa and Restorative yoga, and we include workshops on the other main styles of yoga and advanced postures. This course emphasizes on the detailed alignments of each pose (along with their benefits, contraindications, modifications for different conditions, etc.) and on building your teaching skills with extensive teaching practice. By the end of the training, you will confidently teach a 90-minute class.

We set ourselves apart by providing an intimate training experience. Our course is limited to 16 students and takes place in handpicked private retreat locations. You will learn and grow in a quiet and nurturing environment, while remaining close to the main touristic attractions of Ubud.

A Yoga Teacher Training is not only for those who want to become yoga teachers. In fact, most students join YTTCs to deepen their practice, learn more about the aspects of yoga that are rarely covered in studio classes, develop a home practice, or simply take a journey into the self. A yoga teacher training is the opportunity to explore the many layers of yoga, discover yourself through yoga philosophy, meet and share with like-minded souls, and experience a life-changing course.

Course content

Your Zazyoga 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training is an extensive immersion into the various pillars of yoga. Throughout the course, you will not only learn to master your practice and teach a class, but will take a deep journey into yourself through the eyes of a yogi. Our curriculum balances practice and theory, uncovering some of the mysteries of the body, breath, mind, and soul.

Meditation and pranayama

Yoga is a journey through the self, far beyong the physical practice. For this reason, each morning starts with a mindful ritual of meditation and pranayama. We understand that sitting in stillness may be challenging for some, so we initiate you to various meditation techniques, including moving meditation, chanting, guided meditations, etc. to build tools to transcend and master the mind.

By learning pranayama (prana=lifeforce, yama=control) you will activate and regulate your vital energy. Most importantly, you will learn the ancient practices of pranayama and their effects on the physical, mental, and energetic bodies.

Asana practice

Our daily practice includes morning Vinyasa, a dynamic style of yoga that links breath to movement in a fast pace flow. During these classes, you will experience different themes, from soft flows to powerful “sweaty sessions” . You will learn to adapt to different audiences and better understand your own body and self practice, which will shape your unique teaching style.

Our afternoon practices alternate between workshops and restorative yoga. Restorative yoga is about slowing down and opening the body with supported poses to reach both physical and mental balance. During these practices, you will learn about the use of props as introduced by BKS Iyengar, about the resistance of the body and mind, stress management, and the benefits of deep passive stretching.

Asana lab

During asana labs, you will learn to break down and teach each posture including their main benefits, contraindications, and modifications for various bodies and conditions. Moreover, you will learn to safely adjust students, use the support of props, and offer various alternatives for different levels of practice.

Yoga anatomy and physiology

Our interactive anatomy classes are far from boring! Indeed, through exercise and examples you will learn the major body systems and how they relate to yoga. By gaining a deep understanding of the human body, you will be equipped with the knowledge to prevent injuries and maximize the benefits of yoga in your own practice or in your classes. You will learn about the most common health conditions and injuries encountered by yoga teachers and how to work with them. You will get to know the incredible machine that is your body, and the many ways yoga impacts it.

Yoga philosophy

By building a deeper understanding of Yoga Philosophy you will gain tools to uncover your truthful and authentic self, both on and off the mat. Adapting the ancient wisdom of yoga texts to our modern reality and how they relate to yoga in today’s world, you will study the eight-limb path of yoga and the Yoga Sutras  of Patanjali, and become familiar with the how to overcome obstacles to inner peace and living a blissful yogic life.

Art of teaching

Whether it’s your dream to become a teacher of not, we believe in the importance of learning the skills to confidently express yourself to the world around you. We provide the groundings to better communicate from the inside out, whether that be in a yoga class or in your everyday interactions. We cover voice activation techniques, body language and movement, class preparation and sequencing, and many other techniques allowing you to find your own personal teaching style.

Teaching practice

Building confident teachers that can clearly and authentically lead inspiring classes is one of our main focus. Throughout the training you will gradually build up your teaching practice to many styles of yoga, group sizes and yoga levels. You will learn to structure a class effectively from start to finish so you can easily build classes that flow smoothly and effortlessly.

Successful yoga business

You will learn to effectively nurture and preserve abundance through your yoga teaching career, understand different yoga business models, and explore the many paths you may chose to venture down upon leaving the training. We cover some of the most effective practices to start a successful career, such as building your own personal yoga brand, approaching yoga studios and starting up as a teacher, organizing yoga events, etc.  You will be more than ready to market yourself as a passionate and successful practitioner in the area of your choice with the support and guidance from your skilled teachers.

Our workshops

What will you learn in this training:

  • Over 75 asanas and their benefits and contraindications
  • Yoga adjustments
  • Use of props
  • How to assess a client and teach private classes
  • How to teach 30, 60, and 90 minute group classes
  • Giving clear instructions to students
  • The art of sequencing a class
  • How to avoid common injuries
  • Anatomy related to the yoga practice
  • How to prepare for advanced poses
  • Biomechanics of arm balances and inversions
  • Various meditation practices
  • Pranayama practices and their effects on the body and mind
  • Introduction to energy bodies
  • Yoga philosophy and the path to enlightenment
  • Ayurveda in yoga practice
  • Building a successful yoga career and business

Typical daily schedule for 200-hour YTTC course:

  • 6.00 – 7.30: Meditation, pranayama, mantra chanting
  • 7.30 – 9.00: Vinyasa practice
  • 9.00 – 10.00: Breakfast
  • 10.00 – 11.00: Asana workshop
  • 10.00 – 13.00: Lecture
  • 13.00 – 14.00: Lunch
  • 14.00 – 15.00: Self Study
  • 15.00 – 16.30: Teaching skills and practice
  • 16.30 – 17.30: Yoga Nidra
  • 17.30 – 19.00: Restorative Yoga
  • 19.00 – 20.00: Dinner
  • 20.00 – 21.00: Evening meditation, workshop, or sharing circle.

Note: Classes or Schedules can vary

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Why chose Zazyoga for your 200-hour YTTC

Gain an in-dept understanding of postures

With the recent rise of yoga injuries, we make it our mission to teach you how to practice and teach safely. Whether it is during practices, asana labs, or anatomy classes, proper alignment is our underlying theme!

Build your teacher skills

Our course offers the most extensive teaching practice experience there is, so that when you graduate, you can immediately start your career as a confident yoga teacher.

Embrace the yoga tradition in your modern life

Respecting the yoga tradition does not have to deny our modern lives! Our course is practical and adapted to your reality, so that you can apply tangible tools to your life.

Receive personal support in an intimate environment

With small groups limited to 16 students, we create a safe environment to learn, growth, and discover more about yourself. You will receive dedicated personalized one-on-one support from your teachers for your own unique specific needs.

Breath taking locations

A yoga teacher training can be an intense transformational experience, so we ensure to provide you the best possible environment to support your journey.

After a long day packed with practices and classes, who wants to have to worry about poor accommodation or food? Not us! We carefully selected our private retreat centers to provide you with inspiring and calming surroundings, comfortable and clean accommodation, and nourishing yummy food!

No hidden costs!

We hate hidden fees and unexpected expenses for our students, so our courses include all meals, accommodation and activities.

Your teachers:

Marylene Henry

Marylene is a Yoga Alliance E-RYT-200 RYT-500 yoga teacher who specializes in Yoga anatomy, therapeutic applications of yoga, Corporate Yoga and Yoga for depression, stress, and anxiety.

Her passion for yoga took a new turn when she helped a friend overcome depression through yoga. Curious about what other benefits a holistic approach to yoga could bring, she devoted her time and energy to study the 8 limbs of yoga. Splitting her life between a successful international corporate career and teaching yoga, she perfectly understood how everyday demands can get in a way of a healthy body and healthy mind, and used this experience to teach corporate yoga. In 2016, she decided to leave her corporate career to pursue a PhD in Osteopathy to deepen her knowledge of the physical body. She also completed her certifications as Reiki Master and Mindfulness coach.

Today, Marylene teaches private and group classes, and co-host Yoga Teacher Trainings in Bali, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi. Using her own experience as a guide, she approaches yoga in a holistic way to help clients and students find peace of mind and regain self-confidence. Passionate of anatomy and yoga philosophy, she playfully combines elements of mindfulness, breath work, asanas, and physical therapy to help her students achieve their specific goals.

To date, Marylene has trained more than 150 yoga teachers from all over the world.

Ella Trotter

Ella’s passion for yoga started at an early age in New Zealand and Australia where she explored many different styles of yoga to compliment a busy working lifestyle. Her worldly curiosity and desire to learn led her on an exploration, travelling, volunteering, and living in Holistic communities around the world. Feeling the calling to India, and the time to deepen her yoga practice, she  embarked on a 200h YTTC and ended up staying in India helping the running of Upaya Yoga School in Goa. Since then, Ella has been teaching all around the world, studying and practicing, and has now settled in Bali to run Yoga Teacher Trainings and Yoga Retreats.

Teaching yoga to all ages and various health conditions, Ella saw how yoga could provide healing and transformation to her students and naturally was drawn to the Therapeutic Trainings of Kaya Yoga Therapy where she completed and assisted in the 300h training.

Ella’s unique teaching style could be defined as mindfully connecting movement with breath whether it be a flowing vinyasa class or a gentle restorative session. She is passionate about meditation and finding different ways to calm the mind and connect to the present moment.

Ella is also a practicing Reiki Healer, helping to bring balance to the energy centers of the body.

When she’s not teaching or practicing yoga, Ella enjoys spending time on the beach with her dog and enjoying a coconut with friends – enjoying the beauty Bali has to offer.

Stephanie Parent

As an active person with a background in dance, Stephanie was initially drawn to yoga for it’s physical aspect. Rapidly, she started noticing the benefits on her mind and body. Every class, she felt her tensions and stress diminish. Her mind became much more clear and stable. She knew from that moment that yoga was not just a sport, it was a lifestyle.

Having such a positive impact on her life, she felt the profound desire to share these benefits with others. She decided to go to Rishikesh, India to do a 500 hours teacher training program. During this training, she discovered yoga therapy and instantly knew that this was her calling. She then cumulated certifications in order to become a recognized yoga therapist. Upon her return to Canada, she combined her teaching skills and therapeutic approach and founded her own yoga brand, teaching private yoga workshops tailored to people’s needs, level and injuries. Through her teaching, she integrates the yogic philosophy and gives tools so the students can practice on their own in a safe and knowledgeable way.

Zazyoga 200-hour training packages

Our June-July program is hosted in the spiritual town of Ubud. The resort is strategically located in a quiet area and walking distance from the city center and Ubud’s main attractions.

Each tuition package includes:

  • Airport transfer from DPS airport to the resort on the 16th of June
  • Accommodation for 21 nights with daily house keeping
  • Three buffet vegetarian meals per day
  • Purified water and tea served throughout the day
  • Course tuition and course material
  • Access to salt water pool and herbal steam sauna
  • One Balinese ceremony experience
  • Course certificate (upon successful completion of the course)


Shared accommodation – USD  3,750
Early bird USD3,500 (saving USD 250)
Each of the share accommodation units are located next to the yoga shalla and hosts between 3 and 6 students with shared bathroom (max 3 people/bathroom).

Double room – USD 4,190
Early bird USD   3,940 (saving USD 250)
The traditional bungalows are equipped with 2 single beds and en-suite bathroom to accommodate 2 students per room.

Single room – USD  4,590
Early bird USD 4,340 (saving USD 250)

The 200 sqft private bungalows host a king size bed and private bathroom.

Tuition payment

Packages starting at USD 3,750 – Early bird starting at USD 3,500
500$ deposit is due within 14 days of registration. The remaining balance is due no later than the 16th May 2019.

Please Note:

  • Registration for this course is subject to Zazyoga terms and conditions.
  • No refunds, credits or transfers available on cancellation after the start date of any Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Retreat.
  • Insurance and travel expenditure are not included in the course fee.
  • Places are limited to 16 students and on a first come first served basis.
Pay in full and receive a FREE pampering package, including a 60 minute massage and 60 minute reiki session.
Valued at USD 100.

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Upon registration, you can select to pay immediately through PayPal or send your payment within 14 days via bank transfer.