In March 2019, the Zazyoga team ran a competition on Instagram inviting yogis to share why they dream of joining the Zazyoga Teacher Training in June-July 2019. We received over 40 touching entries from all over the world, making the decision to pick a winner one of the hardest one!

Kaelin Bell from the United States won the grand prize free tuition for our upcoming. Below is her entry:

You have to find what sparks a light in you so that you in your own way can illuminate the world.

Oprah Winfrey

Why do I dream of being a part of the 2019 teacher training in Bali?

It is about giving. I am so connected to giving that it has been challenging for me  to receive. But how can I give if I cannot receive? I long to give healing to those  who are hurting. I yearn to teach the world about the lightness and joy that life  can bring when you integrate your soul and body through movement, meditation,  and breath. I want to raise vibrations, ease burdens, and create space for  everyone.

This is the yoga training I have always wanted to attend. I have researched other  schools, but it always comes back to this one. It was very important for me to pick  a school in alignment with my values, and overall vision. I truly believe this school  will give me the tools I need to not only teach holistic yoga, but to help others  discover their bliss in this world.

This training will provide me the tools and space to deepen the understanding of  my own body, mind and soul. I have had a plan for getting there on my own. I knew I  had to work hard, save up, and with time be able to afford to live my dream. Then  this contest came to me, piercing right through my heart.

I want this with my whole being. But why? I plan to go to this school either way.  “Why is my soul needing this?” I asked myself. Then it hit me. I have dedicated the  last four years to finding myself; diving deep and exercising the due diligence  necessary to become more in alignment with one’s soul. Nonetheless, I realized  there is a lesson that I and so many others need to learn and allow space for. It is  the ability to receive.

As a healer and empath it is easier for me to focus on loving other people and  gifting externally. Before having the realization that there is nothing outside  myself, I would pour from my love cup and resist replenishing it. It came from an  intention of spreading love, but it left me empty, with nothing left to give.

Loving myself creates space to love others and being chosen for this training  would reveal a new paradigm. A healthy, balanced paradigm where I give and  receive. Give love, receive love. Heal and be healed. Learn and teach. It would be a  dream come true. A dream I have been in alignment with and have been cultivating  since I was 6 years old. This is the first step.

Being a child who grew up going to burning man I had a hard time understanding  why for this week in the desert all the adults were like me (like children.) They  wanted to play, laugh, dance, wear silly costumes and connect. I wondered why  adults don’t act like this all the time. Later, I realized this is a space for people to  get out of the role that society imposed upon them and actually express the inner  child that we are all dying to embody.

Since then I have had a vision to cultivate a healing center based on inner child  healing, play, community, fitness, and radical self love. Yoga is the focus of my  healing center because I have experienced first hand how it connects heart,  present moment, and breath. All crucial steps to experiencing God within.

In closing, I want to thank you. The mere existence of this contest has  harmonized me into alignment like never before. I am connected to source, my  vision is clear, my voice speaks truth, my heart is expanding. I feel driven to live  my dream, I’m doing the work, and I am fully present.

If you choose me as the 2019 Zazyoga teacher training recipient you will come to  know a woman who is willing to work harder than she has ever worked before and  bring all the passion, joy, and love possible for one soul to embody. I will be forever  grateful, and dedicate a lifetime to giving, healing, learning and teaching.

The light  within me honors and cherishes the light within you.

Sincerely,  Kaelin Ann Bell


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