The reasons we lie


When I was a child, I was lying to my parents. ALL. THE. TIME. Maybe they were expecting me to be something I felt I wasn’t, so rather than fight, I would fit their expectations. It was white lies really, to cover a void I didn’t want to face.

Very early I realized that if I had to lie about something, it meant that this something was fundamentally wrong. Because we never lie about the beautiful times we have, about what makes us proud, about what truly defines us.

Since then, I made Sathya one of my deepest values. It was years before I discovered yoga, but I already knew then that living authentically was the key to living blissfully.

Honesty is more than not lying. It is truth telling, truth speaking, truth living, and truth loving.

James E. Faust

It is hard for me to comprehend lies, but yet we are exposed to them daily. We lie about who we are, about things we have done or not done, about what we truly intend to do…

So why do we lie? We lie because we are afraid to live an authentic life. We lie because we feel that we should be more, do more. We lie because we crave to be loved and cannot stand the thought of disappointing, to be rejected, to be vulnerable. We lie to please – ourselves and others. We lie because of the deep-rooted belief that we are not enough. We lie to ourselves about what we can or cannot do, because we are afraid to fail. Fear is the root of lies.

When we commit ourselves to the truth, we become the best version of ourselves. If we live our truth, then we are forced to be the person we say we are. Living an authentic life starts with having the courage to accept ourselves fully, the good the bad and the ugly, and putting it forward to the world, showing that we are everything we need to be, that we are enough. Because the truth is, we are…