Take me to Bali…


It was 2 years ago, my first visit in Bali. I had travelled the world and yet, this island swiped me off my feet, and changed my life. Everything about my life.

The thing with Bali is, if you take time to connect with its spirit, it will show you your path. For me this happened during a Balinese water purification ceremony, a blissful occasion of faith and surrender. I remember how suddenly everything became clear, and I knew what to do.

Every man has his own destiny: the only imperative is to follow it, to accept it, no matter where it leads him.

Henry Miller

It’s not that I was unhappy with my life! I had everything going on for me: a successful career, nice house, amazing friends. And yet, Bali showed me that there was something better, something I was really passionate about and that I could bring to the world, something else I had to do.

From there everything seemed to align perfectly to guide me in this new journey. Days after I returned from Bali, I met my life partner, who happened to have lived in the Island of Gods for many years. Within a few months I got accepted into my Osteopathy PhD program. At the same time my company was going through restructuration, which was the perfect opportunity to exit a few months later.

A year had passed by since my first visit in Bali, and I returned for another yoga retreat. It’s during this time, while I was meditating on where to move next to suit my new “student life”, that my partner received the news that he had been issued a very exclusive business license, a process he had started 4 years before with the Indonesian authorities! Do you still believe in coincidences? Me neither! And so we listened to the spirit of the island, and permanently moved to Bali.

It’s an experience that I now wish to share by bringing people from all around the world to connect to Bali through yoga.

What makes Bali so special is not his luscious nature, its dreamy beaches, or the extreme kindness of its people (although it does make it a beautiful destination!) It’s rather the very unique energy of Bali that makes people come back, or never leave. It’s the hours spent simply enjoying life, connecting to nature and bonding with like-minded beings.

Since I moved to Bali, I have visited temples where the energy was so loving that I could have spent the night there, sleeping on the floor. I have witnessed the sun setting on the sea in such a spending explosion of colours that I had wish to stop the time so that I could contemplate the beauty of nature for an eternity. I have found peace and kindness in the most chaotic settings of the city. I have driven roads so majestic that my eyes were not big enough to absorb all their beauty. I have found myself mesmerize by the perfect synchronicity of each encounter. I have seen people heal by reconnecting with nature and with themselves. Since I move to Bali, and let Bali take me, I have lived.