Every yogi should experience a Yoga Teacher Training


We probably all started the same: we popped into a yoga class (to stretch, to relax, to move) and got amazed by what our body can do. Then we started noticing this feeling of wellbeing and got hooked on the yoga high. And maybe we started paying more attention to the messages of our teachers about compassion, non-attachment, contentment… But the truth is, in our 60 or 90-minute class, we barely scratch the surface of the whole universe that is yoga.

Life is a moving, breathing thing. We have to be willing to constantly evolve. Perfection is constant transformation.

Nia Peeples

It’s not surprising that in all the Yoga Teacher Trainings I taught, most of my students had signed-up to deepen and improve their personal practice. What is truly amazing is how most of them too, after uncovering the depth of the path of yoga, end up wanting to share their knowledge and change the lives of others.

Hosting teacher trainings is my favorite thing in the world, because this is where I feel I bring the most transformation to my students. I see them grow and flourish in a short spam, I follow them after the training as they transform their lives, make better and more authentic choices. Because beyond deepening your personal practice, here is what you get out of a Yoga Teacher Training:


A better understanding of your own body

In a 60- or 90-minute class, we teachers have very little time to dive into the wonders of the human body. Most of our time is spent on explaining movements and transition, while keeping an eye for risk of injuries.

Over the course of a teacher training, however, we get a chance to deep dive into postures and alignments. We autopsy common poses to understand which muscles and joints should be mobilized for maximum benefits. We look as how the breath supports movements. We establish a forever foundation for a safer practice.

I can’t count how many times I have heard “oh, that’s what my teacher meant!!” Students of a teacher training get foundational anatomical knowledge that helps them better understand, perform, and explain postures.


A blueprint to a happy life

Yoga philosophy studies the depth of the human mind, and is unfortunately a topic so vast and complex that we barely scratch its surface during studio classes.

The reality is that yoga goes far beyond postures, meditation and breathing exercises. Yoga is a lifestyle built on ancient wisdom, with liberation (samadhi) as its end goal. During a teacher training, we study ancient texts and how they still apply to our 21st century reality, how by applying small changes to our perception and habits, we can free ourselves from suffering. Yes, that’s deep! But it’s only where I see my students transform the most!


A group of friends for life

Past the classes, a Yoga Teacher Training is an immersive shared experience. Whether it is an intensive retreat or over several months, we share a transformational experience with other human beings. We present ourselves entirely, body mind and soul, to a group of complete strangers. Our fears and weaknesses are exposed in a safe environment, and soon these strangers become friends, accomplices, supporters.

I must say that every single person I studied with holds a space in my heart for life. Despite the distance, we still support and inspire each other, cheer for our successes and offer encouragements in difficult time. Yoga friends are friends forever!


A career of giving back

Most of my Yoga Teacher Training students take the course to develop their personal practice and are not necessarily intending to teach. However, after diving into the holistic benefits of yoga, many of them cannot wait to share this newly acquired knowledge with others.

Being a certified yoga teacher is the opportunity to gift to people the benefits of yoga, to create the same safe space, the same exhilarating experiences, the same personal growth that led us to start our own journey through yoga.