Yoga has the power to connect us to who we are, and guide us to become who we are meant to be.

Marylene Henry

Yoga as unique as you are

Whether you are seeking to deepen your yoga practice, address a specific health condition, or become an outstanding yoga teacher, Zazyoga caters to your  unique needs. Our teachers will guide you to explore the inner depths of yourself through mindful movement practice and unveil the mysteries of the human body and mind.

We believe in establishing strong foundations, and for this, our teachers  work in private setting or small groups, creating a supportive and nourishing environment to grow. We specialize in yoga for anxiety and depression, back and joint issues, and general wellness, adapting the ancient tradition of yoga to our modern world.

About zazyoga

The Zazyoga brand comes from a combination of zazu (Hebrew for movement) and zazzy (English slang for chic and shiny). It encompasses self-realization through yoga, and represents process of letting one’s true self shine without self-limitation. Already well established in social media, Zazyoga promotes a safe and personalized practice, self-confidence, playfulness and personal growth.

Private Yoga

The ancient art of yoga combines meditation, breath and movement to unite mind, body and spirit. The practice of yoga helps the body become stronger, firmer, and more flexible, and the mind become still and focussed.

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Manual Therapy

Combining therapeutic yoga with osteopathic manual techniques, our approach to manual therapy involves identifying the causes of pain or unbalance and working with movement, breath, massages and adjustments to progressively bring the body to its natural state.

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Reiki is a form of energy healing that channels and re-balances the blocked energy centers in the body. A reiki session can bring a sense of deep relaxation, reduce pain in the body, and promote healing.

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Mindfulness coaching

Mindfulness allows one to be fully grounded in the present experience. The practice of mindfulness guides us to live and interact without judgement and accept obstacles as stepping stones for personal growth.

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I first had the pleasure of meeting Marylene will I was completed my 200hr YTTC with Kaya Yoga in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Marylene not only taught and supported us growing in our understanding and application of asanas, she also shared her deep knowledge of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali with us in a way that was both profound, and accessible. Marylene is one of those rare and beautiful people who, when they enter the room, you are genuinely filled with joy over her presence. Learning with Marylene not only enriched my understanding of Yoga Philosophy and asanas, but it enriched my overall human experience, and I have full faith and confidence in her and her beauty to inspire and heal others.

Vanessa HamiltonRYT

Marylene is not only a true authentic yogi but also an immense inspiration. During my TTC she brought the wisdom of thousand years old sutras alive and relevant to the present-day in a a fascinating and catchy way. A person with an incredible charisma who heals you and makes your problems disappear just be being in the same room with you. She doesn't only teach yoga she lives it. Her approach to the class is refreshing and soothing like a balm.

Andrea Genova

Marylene is one of those teachers that makes you lighten up right away within her presence. I was blessed to learn from Marylene in my 300 YTT with Kaya Yoga and I fell in love with her energy, her smile and her calm being that puts you on the mat with grounding and encouragement. I’ve learnt so much from her innovative ways of bringing us the knowledge, allowing us to experience yoga as a group, bonding and connecting us within our yogi sisterhood circle, guiding us through our journey with so much patience, wisdom and love. Thank you Marylene, you are a sunshine!

Laura Maciunaite

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